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DescriptionItem no.Price/box

#2 vegie overwrap punnet

Veg #2 tray is ideal for pre-packing fruit and vegetables and flow wrapping or overwrapping


#4 vegie punnet base

An unlidded clear punnet suitable for many different types of produce. It does not have any holes.  The vegie punnet lid is perfectly matched ...

#4 vegie tray -

110mm machine erected tray

This tray is mainly used for shipping pre-packaged produce.  It has small corner posts to allow for punnets; common uses are kiwifruit and che...

VOT/110mm/new -

1kg clam shell punnet

This punnet has very good ventilation and is ideal for 1kg of cherries or strawberries.  The closure also allows it to be used for apples...

KIT 1000 -

2kg clam shell punnet

This punnet is excellent for 2kg of cherries or strawberries, or for a pre-pack of apples or stonefruit. Carton size: 630 x 380 x 600 P...

KIT 2000 -

90mm machine erected generic tray

90mm machine erected tray to suit punnets or plastic liners. Black in colour.

1092 -

90mm machine erected strawberry tray

Generic, black strawberry tray. This machine erected tray is designed for 15 punnets of strawberries (e.g. clam shell, 40mm, 45mm, 1588 punnets).&...

VOT/90mm/B1 -

A250 C punnet

250gm strawberry punnet to suit 15 punnet tray. One piece punnet with hinge lid. Lower base and higher lid.


A250HA3 250gm punnet

 250gm strawberry punnet to suit 15 punnet strawberry tray.  Full ventilation in base and lid.

A250HA3 -

A500 punnet

Open 500gm punnet for multiuse. To be sealed by overwrap or flow wrapper.

50005 -

CJ 1000 M1 punnet

Hinge lid, 1kg punet for multi use

50073 -

CJ 1000L 1kg grape punnet

This is a very good universal bulk punnet for 1 - 1.5kg of produce. It has side flow ventilation and a shallow, flat lid.

CJ 1000L -

CJ 1012 1kg punnet

Universal 1kg punnet good for stone fruit, pomefruit, berries or vegetables. Very good top, bottom and side ventilation.

CJ 1012 -

CJ 1288 SB punnet

This 375gr punnet is ideal for any fresh fruit and has a front opening allowing more air flow.  It is available in recyclable PET and 12 punne...

CJ 1288 SB -

CJ 1300T punnet

 Hinge lid 1kg punnet ideal for Cherries and Strawberries

CJ 1300T -

CJ 190 R 250gm Flat punnet

The CJ 190 R punnet is a 250gm strawberry punnet that will fit 18 punnets into a 110mm tray. It has very good side flow ventilation and made of PE...

CJ 190 R -

CJ 250 HA 3 punnet

Hinge lid, 250gm strawberry punnet with cross flow ventilation through lid and base. Available in P.E.T and P.V.C

50077 -

CJ 250 S punnet

This punnet is ideal for 250gr of strawberries to go into the 12 punnet box.  It is a one piece, hinge style punnet.  It is available in ...

CJ 250 S -

CJ 250J punnet

 250gm Strawberry deep punnet with higher lid,suits 15 punnet tray

CJ 250J -

CJ 250L1 punnet

 Hinge lid 250gm multi use punnet, ideal for strawberries, cherry tomato or baby cucumbers

CJ 250L1 -

CJ 300 M punnet

HInge lid, 300 - 350gm single layer punnet. Ideal for use with insert also.

50082 -

CJ 300M1 punnet

 375gm clam shell ideal for Strawberries and cherries, holes in lid and base

CJ 300M1 -

CJ 400M1 punnet

400gm clam shell punnet ideal for strawberries and cherries, with ventilation holes in base and lid. Suitable for 90mm machine erected strawberry ...

CJ 400M1 -

CJ 500M1 punnet

This multi-use, clam shell punnet holds 500gr, with cross-flow ventilation and a large lid for maximum display. holes in lid and bas...

CJ 500M1 -

CJ 7 x 5 x 3.25 1kg punnet

This is a universal open punnet that can be utilised in stonefruit, berries or salad mix. The punnet can then be either over wrapped or flow-wrapp...

7 x 5 x 3.25 -

CJ 750 A punnet

This punnet is a multi use, clam shell punnet for many types of produce and 8 punnets will fit into a 90mm black tray. Ventilation holes in ba...

CJ 750 A -

CJ 850 punnet

 Hinge Lid 850gm punnet ideal for Cherries

CJ 850 -

CJ 999M punnet

 Hinge lid punnet. no holes lid or base

CJ 999M -

Freezer bags

30cm x 25cm plastic freezer bags.


Pallet Wrapper

This is the Q300XT almost fully automatic pallet wrapper.  It is started by either a lanyard hanging from the roof or via a wireless remote co...

Q300QT -

Picking tray - unlidded punnet

This picking tray is designed to fit into the picking carrier for bulk strawberry picking. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Picking tray unlidded punnet -

Printed trays and boxes

Customise your trays and boxes with your name and logo.  The tray shown is a barry tray made for Moondarra Blueberries.  Contact&nbs...

Printed boxes -

Punnet - freezer grade

500gr freezer-grade plastic punnet.  Freezer grade lids also available to suit this punnet.

freezer punnet -

Punnet wrap - Vitafilm 250mm

This 250mm wide wrap is suitable for covering unlidded punnets. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

250mm Vitafilm -

Punnet wrap - Vitafilm 300mm

This 300mm wide wrap is suitable for unlidded punnets. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

300mm Vitafilm -

Punnets - pre-labelled

Most of our punnet range can be prelabelled to your requirements.  Pre-labelling will minimise time losses on your production line. Prices av...

Paper labelled punnets -

Shobowls DL (dome lid)

These PET shobowls can be used for various different uses including baked goods, salads, nuts, dairy goods and industrial items.  This se...

Shobowls DL -

Strawberry tray - 12 punnet printed

This machine-erected printed tray holds 12 strawberry punnets (e.g. CJ 1288 SB). Black box with image of ripe strawberries; text states "...

ST12P/Print -

Vinyl gloves

We carry a full selection of vinyl, laytex and nitrile gloves in all sizes, with and without powder. 50 pairs per box. 10 boxes per carto...

Vinyl gloves -