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DescriptionItem no.Price/box

10 x 2kg apple bag box

A printed, prepack box that accommodates 10 x 2kg apple bags. Price includes G.S.T.

A10B -

100mm fasties

Paper covered wire twisties suitable for many different applications, particularly closing off bags. Price is G.S.T. inclusive.

100mm fasties -

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil 44cm x 150m


Bag - 2kg Peakfresh

A 2kg modified atmosphere bag to prolong the post-harvest life of cherries. Bags are on a roll - 1000 bags per roll. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

2kg Peakfresh bag -

Bag - 5kg Peakfresh

A 5kg modified atmosphere bag to prolong the post-harvest life of cherries. Bags are on a roll - 1000 bags per roll. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

5kg Peakfresh bag -

Bag tape sealer - 12mm tape

A 12mm bag tape sealer for a variety of bags, eg, apple bags. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

12mm bag tape sealer -

Bags - Apple 2kg

Generic 2kg apple bag. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Generic 2kg apple bag -

Bags - Apple 4kg

Generic 4kg apple bag. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Generic 4kg apple bag -

Bags - Apple 9kg

Generic 9kg apple bag. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Generic 9kg apple bag -

Bags - bulbs

A 15um bag suitable for packaging bulbs. 350 bags/box. Bags also available on a roll (Bags - Bulbs (on roll)). Price is G.S.T. inc...

Bulb bags -

Bags - bulbs (on roll)

A strong bag suitable for packaging bulbs.  These bags come in a roll of 1000. Also available in boxes of 350 (loose). Price is G.S.T. ...

Bulb bags on a roll -

Bags - cherry bags

We can supply clear or black liner bags in a variety of sizes that are suitable for cherry boxes.  Stock lines are 2kg and 5kg in both colours.

Black cherry bags -

Bags - paper carry bag with handles (brown)

Brown paper bags available in various sizes for the environmentally conscious shopper.

40113 -

Bin bags

We stock a range of bin bags in many sizes, ordering in to suit your specific requirements.  Call us for more information.

Bin bags -

Cling wrap - 600m

600 meter roll (450mm wide) premium quality cling wrap with easy cutter. Microwave safe. An economical way to purchase cling wrap. Price is ...

Cling wrap 600m -

Freezer bags

30cm x 25cm plastic freezer bags.


Liners - black RPC

An 18um black produce bag suitable for various produce. Suitable for RPC - returnable plastic crates. Tear-off.   Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Black RPC -

Liners - natural plastic

Universal plastic liner for a variety of produce. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

RPC plastic liners -

Net bag

Sturdy plastic net bags available in red, yellow and green in various sizes - 32, 38 and 43cm in length. Suitable for various fresh produce - garl...


Pallet top sheets

Roll of sheets to place on top of your pallets prior to being wrapped, for extra protection against weather and other environmental facto...

Pallet top sheets -

Pallet Wrapper

This is the Q300XT almost fully automatic pallet wrapper.  It is started by either a lanyard hanging from the roof or via a wireless remote co...

Q300QT -

Singlet (plastic) carry bag

Singlet bags in various sizes (small, medium, large and jumbo).


Tape - bag tie tape

Tie tape suitable for fruit bags. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Fruit bag tie tape -

Tape cutting blade

Replacement blade for bag sealer

40023 -

Tape dispenser - pistol grip

Pistol grip tape dispenser. Suitable for use with packaging tape and printed packaging tape. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Pistol grip dispenser -

Tape dispenser spool - bag tie tape dispenser

Replacement spool for bag tie tape dispenser. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Tape spool dispenser -