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DescriptionItem no.Price/box

1000mm bulk bin

HSC 1000mm bulk bin. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

432 1000mm bulk bin HSC -

100mm fasties

Paper covered wire twisties suitable for many different applications, particularly closing off bags. Price is G.S.T. inclusive.

100mm fasties -

All weather tape

48mm x 100m all weather tape. This tape is suitable for greenhouse repairs. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

All weather tape -

Bags - bulbs

A 15um bag suitable for packaging bulbs. 350 bags/box. Bags also available on a roll (Bags - Bulbs (on roll)). Price is G.S.T. inc...

Bulb bags -

Bags - bulbs (on roll)

A strong bag suitable for packaging bulbs.  These bags come in a roll of 1000. Also available in boxes of 350 (loose). Price is G.S.T. ...

Bulb bags on a roll -

Binder blades

Binder blades for common binding machines (e.g. flower bunch binders). Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Binder blades -

Elastic binding - white

White elastic binding in a box of 12 spools; suitable for most binding machines. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

White elastic binding -

Floralife - 5gr sachets

Cut flower food used as a flower preservative and ideal to use as marketing tool.  Contact us for more information on your branding on the sac...

Floralife sachets 5gr -

Floralife - PAL pretreatment

A pretreatment solution suitable for alstromerias and lilies. 250 pills per bottle. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Floralife pretreatment PAL -

Floralife - PRG pretreatment

A pretreatment solution suitable for roses and gerberas. 1000 pills per bottle Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Floralife pretreatment PRG -

Flower box - half coffin

This box is a standard size flower box made of heavy duty cardboard.  It has "full flaps" on the top and bottom and hand holes ...

219 -

Flower box 376

Standard size flower box made of heavy duty kraft cardboard.  With full flaps on the top and bottom and also hand holes.  Price is ...

Flower box - 376 FFSC -

LaBlanche 25kg - greenhouse paint

White wash in dry powder form for greenhouse shade during spring and summer months. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

LaBlanche 25kg -

Pallet Wrapper

This is the Q300XT almost fully automatic pallet wrapper.  It is started by either a lanyard hanging from the roof or via a wireless remote co...

Q300QT -

Rubber bands

We can supply a variety of sizes - from no. 12 through to no. 86 - in different colours (in most sizes).  Contact us for more information. Pr...

Rubber bands -

Single face cardboard rolls

Single face corrugated rolls of  cardboard available in either 600mm, 915mm or 1220mm widths.  Contact us for more information. Suitable...

Single face rolls -

Stargloss paper

Stargloss ream of paper. Similar to butchers paper but less absorbant. Suitable for wrapping flowers. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Stargloss paper -